When launching QuickBooks Integration Manager the Setup QuickBooks Online Edition Connection window is displayed and prompts to click on Set up a company or Setup a connection. Upon clicking the OK button, the following error occurs,

"Online Edition Connection could not find connection parameters for this appName"

This error is thrown when an incorrect version of QuickBooks Integration Manager is installed.  You might have installed the USA – Online Edition instead of  the USA edition. You may be using the locally installed version of QuickBooks, however you have installed an integeration manager for the online edition of Quickbooks which works with only the online version.

Uninstall QuickBooks Integration Manager from the Add or Remove Programs in Windows and install the USA version of the integration manager. During the installation process of the integeration manager you will be prompted to select the edition of QuickBooks you are using. Choose the appropriate edition USA instead of USA – Online Edition and proceed with the installation.


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