Before attempting to integrate with Web TimeSheet, follow the steps below to ensure QuickBooks is properly configured for integration.

  • Launch QuickBooks
  • Open a company file.
  • When you integrate with Web TimeSheet, you will transfer data to and from the open QuickBooks company file.
  • The integration module allows for a broad number of configurations to meet a variety of needs. Until you have finalized the configuration you wish to use, we recommend that you begin working with a sample QuickBooks file or, at a minimum, back up your QuickBooks company file prior to using the integration module.
  • If a dialog box displays indicating that Web TimeSheet is attempting to access the QuickBooks company file without a certificate:
  • Select the Yes, Always button or option, which allows Web TimeSheet to access the company file for data transfer purposes.
  • Select Yes if asked to confirm.
  • Select Edit > Preferences… and set the following configurations:
  • In the Payroll & Employees section, select First Name for the Display Employee List by field.
  • In the Time Tracking section, ensure Yes is selected for Do You Track Time?.
  • If you wish to use classes to organize your time and expense data, ensure Use class tracking is enabled in the Accounting section.


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