How to resend Welcome e-mail notifications from Web TimeSheet?

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Web TimeSheet currently does not allow to resend the Welcome e-mail notification that is once sent, the moment when a user is added to the system. Following are some workaround that could be used,

  • Delete and recreate the user:
  • Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator.
  • Click the Administration icon at the top.
  • Select Users from the left panel, under the Users/Departments category.
  • Click the Delete button (represented by a round red button with an x mark on it) next to the user name.
  • Send the Welcome e-mail notification manually:
Use the following e-mail template as the Welcome e-mail notification,

Welcome to Web TimeSheet, <FirstName LastName>.

You can access Web TimeSheet at <Web TimeSheet URL> using the following login name and password:

Login Name: <user login>
Password: <password>

Web TimeSheet Administrator


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