If you assign the same resources to more than one project or use shared resources in more than one project, you can combine all of the resource information into a single file called a resource pool. You can use a resource pool to schedule the work of resources across multiple projects, identify conflicts between their assignments in different projects, and see how their time is allocated in each project. To transfer resources from the Microsoft Project resource pool to Web TimeSheet, select the Update Now button.

Resources: The people, equipment, and material that are used to complete tasks in a project.

Resource Sharing: Use of the same resources in more than one file. When one project borrows resources from another project, the file that is borrowing the resources is the sharing file, and the file contributing its resources is the resource pool.

Resource Pool: A set of resources that is available for assignment to project tasks. A resource pool can be used exclusively by one project or can be shared by several projects.

Assignment: A specific resource that is assigned to a particular task.


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