How to display Task / Sub-task on the timesheet?

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In a project, there are few tasks created and every task has a sub task. The sub tasks have the same name. When entering time in the timesheet, the appropriate client is chosen and the related project is also chosen. While selecting the task, Task/ Sub task is not being displayed, rather, it is displaying the Sub Task as another task.

There is a setting called 'Full Path Name' that will display the full path when chosen. This means that if there is a sub task to a task, while choosing the task with a sub task to it, it gives the full path which will eventually show the path as Task/Sub Task. This will then help the user to put the time to the sub task that is related to the task for which the time needs to be entered.

To enable the Full Path Name setting, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on Settings at the top of the Web TimeSheet.
  • This will open the User Preferences.
  • Go to the section that says Timesheet Name Display.
  • Check on the option Full Path Name and save the settings.

Note: This can be individually changed from user to user and is not a global setting. Any user who has the User Preferences in Settings on the associated Permission will have the ability to change this setting.


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