The < All > assignment is unavailable only when Hierarchy Filtering feature is enabled in Web TimeSheet – System Preferences. The reason behind this design is when hierarchy filtering is enabled, the following project-related limitations are placed on each user:

  • Users can only view, add, and edit projects in their department and their department's sub-departments.
  • When adding or editing a project, the project can only be made visible to the user's department and its sub-departments. Only users within the visible departments can be assigned to the Project Team or to tasks in the project.
The first time you enable the Enable Hierarchy Filtering option, all existing projects will be made visible to all departments currently defined. If you previously disabled hierarchy filtering and are now re-enabling it, you must choose one of the following options for setting the department visibility of existing projects:
  • Make all existing projects visible to all departments currently defined in the system
  • Restore the department visibility that was in place for each project before hierarchy filtering was disabled. Any projects added since hierarchy filtering was previously disabled will be made visible to Company.
If you enable the Enable Hierarchy Filtering option, any existing Project Team or task assignments will remain in place, including the <All> assignment. If the <All> assignment is selected, all users will be able to include the project on their timesheet and expense submission, regardless of the departments assigned to the user and the departments the project is visible to. To limit which users can enter time and expenses against the project, edit the project's team and task assignments as necessary. If the <All> option was not selected prior to enabling hierarchy filtering or is later removed from the assignment, it will not be available in the future when editing the assignments. Additionally, the <All> option will not be available when creating new projects, except for when using the Based On feature to copy an existing project with an <All> assignment.


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