The following key terms are used with respect to RepliConnect API:

Object is a programming entity that corresponds to a functional concept in Web TimeSheet. Also referred to as domain object or type. Each object is defined by the following elements:

  • Property:
    A characteristic of an object that you can set directly.
  • Relationship:
    A characteristic of an object that references another object. A relationship can only be set by defining the related objects.
  • Operation:
    Calculates object settings that are too complicated to define by assigning properties or relationships.
  • Enum:
    A group of property options. Only one can be valid at a time for an object.
  • Action:
    A type of request you can make using RepliConnect. There are four types of actions: Query, LoadIdentity, Create, and Edit.
  • Exception:
    An action that did not complete as expected.


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