When mass editing fields for which a history is recorded (Supervisor, Hourly Cost, Hourly Payroll, Hours Per Day, Overtime Rule,Timesheet Validation Rule, and Time Off policies), if you:

  • Specify a start date only : The new record will overwrite all existing records from that date onwards.
  • Specify a start and end date : The new record will overwrite the portion of any existing records with which it overlaps.

For example, Jan is the HR team's existing supervisor (with no end date). Jan is scheduled to take a 6 month leave of absence, so Alice is assigned to be the team's supervisor for that period, with a Start Date of May 6 and an End Date of November 6. When Alice's policy is added, Web TimeSheet will automatically create a new policy for Jan, with a start date of November 7 then, all past records (for before the new start date) will be retained.


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