Our website has a updated and comprehensive details about Repliconnect API on the link given below,


This page talks about all the information you require to start using Repliconnect API. This page tells about all the Objects that can be queried using the API. Clicking on the Object Categories the left hand menu informs about the objects available for each of the categories and their relationships.

The objects mentioned on this page are for the latest SaaS instances. If you are on the latest Standalone version, please replace the Initial Build below with the initial build number of the Web TimeSheet application that you are on,

https://www.replicon.com/support/remote-api.aspx/initial build/DocItem_Introduction.aspx

The Initial build number can be found here, this page has all the build numbers including SaaS releases. You will need to scroll down to find a build number which does not say SaaS only include that build number in the URL mentioned above. For example, the version of Web TimeSheet at the time of this article is but the initial build was The URL for finding details about the API objects available in this version of release is,


This way you can find out the Objects you can query for the version of Web TimeSheet that you are on. If you still need assistance or have any queries about the API, please email support at SUPPORT@REPLICON.COM.


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