Is it possible to restrict users from submitting their timesheets prior to the due date?

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The organization is frequently faced with the issue of Web TimeSheet users submitting their timesheets well before the due date and the approvers also approve them. In cases of errors overlooked by both the user and the approver, the Web TimeSheet administrator has to correct the errors by reopening the Web TimeSheet. All the users are using the Standard timesheet format.


  • Change the timesheet format for all the users from Standard to Locked In-Out. Create a validation rule that the work week or timesheet period should be greater than X hours. For example, if the default hours per day is 8 and weekly off are Saturday and Sunday, you can create a validation rule that the week should be greater than or equal to 40 hours. This will prevent the user from submitting the timesheet before the due date.
  • If the users want to retain the standard timesheet format, you can create a timesheet type disclaimer informing the users not to submit their timesheets before the due date.


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