Can I assign an internal user as a Client/External Approver for a project?

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Internal users in Web TimeSheet can be assigned as Client/External Approver for a project provided if the user’s permissions have Client/External Approver option enabled under Projects settings. If the Client/External Approver option is not enabled under Projects settings in the user’s permissions then the user’s name will not be displayed in the Client/External Approver drop-down under the root project in Project Structure.

To enable Client/External Approver option, follow the steps given below:

  • Log on to Web TimeSheet with admin rights.
  • Click on Administration tab from the top menu.
  • Click on Permissions under Users/Departments from the side menu.
  • Click on Edit icon next to user’s permissions.
  • Expand Projects under System tab.
  • Select Client/External Approver option.
  • Click Save at the bottom.
  • Log off and log back onto Web TimeSheet for the changes to take effect.

More Information:

The Project & Billing edition includes two types of users: Users and External Users. Standard or Internal Users and External Users are added and edited under different tabs in the Users page. Typically, a user is created as a standard user if they are an employee of the company and, depending on their assigned permissions, may be required to enter time and expenses, manage projects, or run reports.

External users are typically external to the organization and, as a result, are much more limited in their access. External users are often created for those users who are required to approve time information and review report data on behalf of a client. Standard and external users each have their own user name, password, and profile but external users do not have as many additional options as standard users. For example, supervisors, timesheet periods, and activities are not set for external users.


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