You can enter cost budgets (or estimates) for particular tasks within a project, or for a project as a whole, and then use reports to view how actual costs compare to your estimates. Actual costs are determined by multiplying hours entered in timesheets by the applicable employee hourly cost rates. To setup project estimates, follow the steps below:

  • Login with as the administrator or project leader (Full Access).
  • Click the Projects tab at the top and double-click on the project name to Enter/Edit the Cost and Expense budgets.
  • In the Project Structure section of the page, click the link for the Project or Task for which you want to add an estimate.
  • The Edit Project or Edit Task page displays.
  • Estimated Cost field to enter the labor costs you think the project or task should incur
  • Estimated Expenses field to enter the expense costs (such costs for travel, meals, etc) that you think the project or task should incur – This feature is only available with ‘Web Expense License’ enabled.
  • Click Save.


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