How do I define productivity data generation settings in Web TimeSheet?

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To schedule productivity data generation, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly productivity data view.
  • Select Projects from the top menu.
  • Select Productivity > Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly from the side menu.
  • Specify your desired settings, using the options described in the table below. Your selections will apply to productivity graphs at the user, department, and company level.
Setting Name Use this field to…
Frequency Specify how frequently you would like Web TimeSheet to generate data based on the billable targets you entered.
Time To Execute Specify the time of day when you would like Web TimeSheet to generate the data. You may prefer that data generates late at night to reduce the process' impact on system performance.
Enabled Specify that you would like this generation schedule to be enabled.
Last Executed On View when the last data generation occurred.
Status View whether the last data generation was completed successfully.


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