Warning: Users with symbols in red next to their names will not receive an ‘Offline TimeSheet’

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This warning message pops up only when you try to send Offline Timesheet to the users from the Historical Timesheets, for the following reasons.

  • If the user does not have an e-mail address (both internal and external) entered in their user profile.
  • If the user do not have access to Offline Timesheet in the permissions.
  • If the users timesheet period is specified is in In-Out format in the permissions.
  • The timesheet specified has already been submitted for approval.


  • Enter valid e-mail address in the user’s profile.
  • Make sure Offline Timesheets  options under Timesheet section is enabled in the user’s permissions
  • Offline timesheet can be sent to the users only if the user’s timesheet period is specified in Standard Timesheet.
  • It is not possible to send the approved timesheet.


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