When deleting a user, the following error occurs,

"Unable to delete user. User has banked time."

To delete this user, follow the steps given below:

  • Log into Web Timesheet as the administrator.
  • Click on Reports tab.
  • Select the Banked Time report (Under Time Off Reports category).
  • Select the user name and then time off type as Time Off in Lieu.
  • Run the report.
  • This will show the banked time details for the user with appropriate date.
  • Now change the password for user and login as user (Administration > Users/Departments > Users).

If the user is disabled enable the user and provide necessary permissions so that he can generate the timesheet, generate the timesheet for the banked time date (As displayed in the report):

  • Login back as administrator.
  • Click on Historical Timesheet (Administrator > Users/Departments > Historical Timesheet).
  • In user filters, select the correct user name and select timesheet period as ALL and click on Apply.
  • This will display all the timesheet periods which are generated for the user.
  • Now Select All option and click on Delete.
  • Now go to Users (Administrator > Users/Departments > Users).
  • Select the user and click on Delete.

Note: Deleting user is permanent action and cannot be retrieved back.


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