There is a situation where there exists a project which has 3 clients associated. The project was created as a bucket method and the appropriate clients were added. The users were also using this project and its related tasks to enter time. However, now the 2 of the 3 clients associated to this project withdrew and therefore, the project is associated to just one of the client. When checking the order of clients in the clients list on the project, the clients that withdrew were the 1st and the 3rd and the the clients that is now associated is the 2nd.

The administrator to Web Timesheet can use the delete button to remove the 2nd and the 3rd client associated to the project leaving the 1st client as it is and then change the client from the drop down list at the first level and save the project. This means that although the project is of bucket method, the client invoice may be generated to just the associated client now as the other clients do not exist any more.


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