How to enable specific columns in a report?

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There are situations wherein a user would like to have a particular field displayed on the report with its values. When the report is run, by default these field may not be displayed. In scenarios where a particular field is not displayed by default on a report, follow the steps listed below:

  • Run the appropriate report and see the columns that are displayed.
  • check if the field that needs to be displayed is present.
  • If it is not, click on the button called Settings.
  • This will display the columns that can be a part of the report that is being run.
  • Go down the list and check if the field name that should be a part of the report is available.
  • If it is, put a check mark next to it and click on Save and Run and re-run the report.

Note: This feature of adding a field/ column to the report is permission driven.

If the Setting button is not displayed in the report, follow the steps given below:

  • As an administrator, edit the appropriate permission type that needs to have the permission to click on button called Settings.
  • Go to the tab called Reports.
  • Expand the tree called Reports.
  • Put a check mark next to Edit Report Settings.
  • Click Save.

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