Can I use activities to track the various business rules for our organization?

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My Company has a group of employees who do field work. According to their work schedule, they are expected to work for 12 hours a day for 7 consecutive days and are given day off for the next 7 days. In other words, they work for 84 hours spread over 2 weeks. My company follows a semi-monthly timesheet period. Any time worked by a field employee in excess of 80 hours will be considered as overtime. They are also paid a night shift premium if they work night shifts. If the work day falls on a stat holiday, they are paid stat time. If the day off falls on a stat day, they are paid stat off and if they book a vacation time off on any of their work days, they are also paid vacation time.

Keeping in mind, the unique requirements of the Company, the Web TimeSheet administrator has to create multiple activities like Nightshift, Nightshift-OT, Dayshift, Dayshift-OT, Stat-NS, Stat-DS, Stat-off, Vacation etc. and assign them to the field employees. A report based on user hours details can be created and this report should include the following custom columns namely,

  • Night Shift Premium:
    If (ActivityCode="NS",(PayrollOnlyHours*2.30),If(ActivityCode="NS-OT",(PayrollOnlyHours*2.30),If(ActivityCode="ST-NS",(PayrollOnlyHours*2.30),0)))
  • Overtime Payable:
    If (ActivityCode="NS-OT",(PayrollOnlyHours*HourlyBasePayroll*2),If(ActivityCode="DS-OT",(PayrollOnlyHours*HourlyBasePayroll*2),0))
  • Stat time Payable:
  • Vacation Payable:


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