What is the significance of ‘Deny’ option on the Manage Team Member page in a project?

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If a department is assigned to a project team, then the entire team members of that department will be able to punch time against the Project on TimeSheet. For example, lets says we have 10 employees in a department called WorkForce which is working on a Project called Time Tracker. After a while the Project Leader decides to reallocate the team members and finalizes on a 8 member team working on Time Tracker. Since the department is added you can continently select the 2 employees whom you do not wish to punch time for this project and deny access. You can use the Deny option on Manage Team Member page. To edit task assignments, follow the steps given below:

  • From the List Project page, select the required project 
  • Click the Team button. The Manage Team Member page displays.
  • From the Project Team Member field, select the name of the user whose assignments you want to modify.
  • In the task list, select:
  • The Allow check box to allow the team member access to the task.
  • The Deny check box to deny the team member access to the task.
  • Click Save.

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