Can I make use of user defined fields in Custom Columns of a report?

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User defined fields can be included in the Custom Column formula. Also, all the logical functions can be implemented using these User Defined Fields.

Let's say we have a User Defined field at Timesheet row level (Column A) and one at Project/Task Level (Column B), if you want to utilize these fields for a custom output, then the same can be achieved by using custom formulas. For example: Column A + Column B or Column A/Column B.

To create the custom column, follow the steps given below:

  • Log into Web Timesheet.
  • Click on Reports tab and then click on the Report that you want to run.
  • Click on Settings tab and scroll down to bottom till you find Custom Column.
  • Click on Add and search for the User Defined Filed (Column A) from the Insert Field drop down.
  • After inserting the field, type your formula.
  • Now from the Insert Field Drop down insert the second User Defined Field (Column B).
  • Click on Save and Run Report.

Note: For any calculation, both User Defined Fields should be of the same type. If Column A is number then the second User Defined field should also be of the same type.


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