Reports can be defined as a detailed Account document. The default Time reports with their short description are listed below:

  • Repeat Offenders:
    Provides information on which employees are consistently late submitting their Timesheet.
  • Timesheet Audit Trail:
    Provides a complete history of all actions performed on a timesheet after submission. The report includes changes after submission because the timesheet does not become a legal document until it is submitted for approval.
  • Timesheet List:
    Provides user timesheets in time entry format. The timesheets are displayed in Standard format, regardless of the format used by the user. This report can be printed for filing or archiving. Timesheets are ordered by date, first using the start date of the timesheet period, then the end date of the timesheet period.
  • Timesheet Status Details:
  • Awaiting Approval : Provides a list of approvers who need to approve timesheets for a specified date range or timesheet period.  The report includes the names of all users for whom a timesheet is awaiting approval by the specified approver.
  • Status : Provides a list of users' timesheets for a specified date range or timesheet period and indicates the status of each Timesheet.
  • Timesheet Hours Summary:
    Displays the amount of time and time off entered in timesheets in a bar chart. The time data can be broken down by the type of time (regular, overtime, time off) or whether it is billable. The chart can group the data by department or time period, if desired.
  • Timesheet Status Summary:
    Provides a graphical view of the approval status of the timesheets for each timesheet period.
  • User Hours Details:
    Provides detailed information on users and the time they have entered. Can be configured to include the users' names, departments, employee types, and user groups.
  • Timesheet Hours Details:
  • Comments : Provides a list of timesheets and attached comments for a specified date range or timesheet period.
  • Timesheet Detail : Provides a list all hours information (Billable, Non-Billable, Time Off, and Total) for each user project/task.
  • In-Out Status:
    Provides information on which employees are currently punched in or out, and the date of the last punch.

Note: The default Time reports mentioned above can be used as a template to create customized reports based on company's data requirement.  These reports can by accessed by 'Administrator' by default.


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