How do I search for a report in Web TimeSheet?

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To locate a report within the Manage Reports page:

  • Enter a portion of the Report Name in the Search section at the bottom of the page. The capitalization of the report's name does not have to match the value entered. Alternatively, you can select the Expand icon to expand the Search section and enter a portion of the Report Name or Description, or both.
  • Select the Search button.
  • A list of reports matching the search criteria is displayed in the Reports section on the right. Only reports accessible to you based on your permissions will be shown. To clear the search criteria and the search results, select the Reset button, which is available in the expanded Search section.

Note: If you move to another folder, you can return to the list by selecting Search Results from the Report Folders section. The Search Results will be saved until you leave the Manage Reports page or select the Reset button.  Administrator and Project Leader permission would have the ability to Search for report, however permissions can be edited to grant access for users.


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