A Web TimeSheet user may see a message Timesheet Recovered, however, the occurrence of this is very rare. (refer attached image)


This message usually shows up when an illogical function has been performed, the reason why it shows up rarely.
Below listed are some examples of illogical functions.

  • A user deleted a row in the timesheet, the system has not refreshed the page as yet, and the user tries to delete the row again.
  • A user booked a timeoff, then decides to delete it. The page takes time to refresh, in the meanwhile the user attempts to delete it again.
  • A non-mandatory UDF (User Defined Field) is present in the timesheet or expense sheet. A user submits the timesheet or expense sheet. After which the UDF is changed to mandatory. Now, when the approver tries to approve the timesheet or expense sheet, a illogical function is being performed, and the message may show up.

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