Reports can be defined as a detailed Account document. The default Administration reports with their short description are as follows:

  • License Seat Assignment:  Provides a list of Web TimeSheet users and their seat assignments (for modules that use seat based licenses).
  • User Holidays:  Provides a list of holidays assigned to various users.
  • User Profile:  The default reports based on the template are as follows:
  • Approval Path – Provides a list of the timesheet, expense, and time off request approval paths assigned to each user, sorted by their supervisor's name.
  • Substitute Users – Provides a list of the substitutes that have been set up for specific user. The report includes the substitute start and end dates, permissions, and forwarded notifications. The report may include either active substitute users, or all substitutes whose start/end dates fall within a specified date range.
  • User Detail – Provides a list of Web TimeSheet users and their user profile information.
  • User Start and End Date – Provides a list of start and end dates for a user, together with their e-mail address and login name, sorted by first the user's department, then by the user's supervisor's name.
  • Organizational Hierarchy:  Provides a view of the departmental hierarchy and, if desired, the number of users within each department.
  • Pay Code Hours Details:  Provides a breakdown of all hours worked by pay code.
  • Payroll Details:  Provides information on what employees were paid over a specified date range. Pay can be categorized by pay code and by department.


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