The CSV Import feature in Web TimeSheet currently does not support import of timesheet data however, contact Replicon Support requesting for an import guide that help you import time data into Web TimeSheet using our conventional import method. You can add, edit, and delete entries in timesheets using this import utility. Use the "Timesheets not Based on Projects" command formats if you are using Time & Attendance edition.
The command names for importing time data into Web TimeSheet are as follows:
  • #TimesheetAdd
  • #TimesheetUpd
The #TimesheetAdd commands adds a new timesheet for the user, whereas the #TimesheetUpd command updates an existing timesheet. If the user does not have a timesheet created then you would need to use the #Timesheetadd command. If the user has a Timesheet created and time entered against it and would need to change a few details, you need to use the #Timesheetupd command.
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