The End Balance hour(s) shows the current balance rather than the actual balance after the Time Off was booked.

When a user books multiple time off for a specific Time Off Type, the End Balance hour(s) shown on the Approvals / Historical Time Off, is the current balance of the users. It does not show the remaining balance after every time off booking.

This feature is working as-designed and is not a bug. It is also known that the column is not explained very well as to what the intent of that information is. This is is designed in this way because depending on a number of circumstances, some pieces of the calculation can be missing to the user. For example, if I submit two bookings for a time off type, with a policy reset in between, then at a glance the totals won't appear to make sense, without knowing the policy reset had occurred. So apparently the 'End Balance hour(s)' is just a 'convenience' number to provide a little more insight into the hours, but currently cannot be made to do anything more than that.

Alternatively, we can select to report either remaining hours or hours taken, which again just at a glance we might not realize which of the two you were looking at.  It's for reasons like these that the total on the approval page can't be made too specific, because it doesn't have the context necessary for that depth of detail. Currently, the only way to see the details the approver is looking for, is by running a 'Time Off Balance Report' which will break down into all the details.


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