It is not possible to assign the User Rate to the < All > assignment in a project team. User Rate applies to only individual users or team members, hence it is requires to add the individual users as team members to the project team and then assign the user rates to these users. The rates that can be applied to the <All > assignments are as follows,

  • Project Rate.
  • Role Rate (a common role rate for all the users in Web TimeSheet).

More Information:

Project Rate:

  • The project rate is a default billing rate for the entire project.
  • You define the rate when you first create the project and can modify the rate at any time.
  • The project rate is the default rate assigned to all team members.

Role Rate:

  • Roles identify specific types of work (for example, project management or HTML coding) that are charged at defined rates.
  • Roles are global in scope (that is, they can apply to multiple projects), and are therefore created outside the project.
  • Each role is associated with a global, default billing rate that applies to all projects to which you add the role.


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