Why there is a red exclamation mark on Time Off tab?

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User logs in and finds a red exclamation mark on the Time Off tab at the top menu bar and upon clicking the Time Off tab, the Time Off Calendar doesn't appear, instead a list of historic time off bookings appear.
The red exclamation mark on the Time Off tab indicates a rejected time off. When there is a rejected time off the time off calendar is not seen by default when you click on the Time Off tab, you will have to manually click on the Calendar on the left side menu.
  • Select the Time Off tab from the top menu.
  • In the side menu, under Time Off, select My Time Off Bookings.
  • In the listed time off bookings, locate the rejected one.
  • Edit and re-submit the time off booking or delete it.
Note: The exclamation icon may not go away immediately after editing or deleting the rejected time off, hence, log out and login back.

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