I use Web Resource to create projects and resources and I would like to transfer the Web Resource data to Microsoft Project to be able to manage the projects. I have run a report by name “Project Details” in Web Resource.

Web Resource application allows you to export the report in Excel format. You can export the file in different formats like .xls, .xlsx and .csv. Microsoft Project supports import of files in all of the above 3 formats. To import a file in .xls and .xlsx formats into Microsoft Project, perform the following steps:

  • Launch Microsoft Project.
  • Click File > Open. This will launch the Export and Import Wizard.
  • You can choose to import by Tasks, Resources or Assignments.
  • Select the source file as the file that you had exported from Web Resource.
  • You now need to map the fields for import. To illustrate, a typical mapping would look like this:

Web Resource                  Microsoft Project

Project                               Project

Task                                   Name

Resource                            Resource Name

Duration                              Duration

Cost/Hour                           Cost

Hours                                   Work

  • Ensure that the mapping is done successfully.
  • Click Finish.


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