How to report on both Time Billable Amount and Fixed Amount Billable to the client?

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I charge my clients for time billable services as well as for those services like Web hosting. I charge my client a fixed amount every month for those services which are not time billable. I understand that I can use Project & Billing module to charge my clients for time entered against projects/tasks undertaken by me for my clients. I would like to know how I can customize Web TimeSheet Billing Reports to include not just the Time Billable amount but also a fixed amount billable to the client.

To work around the issue, create two rates for the project, a project rate to bill your client for time entered against project/task and a role based rate for the fixed amount. For example, if you charge your client a fixed amount of $350 per month, create a role and identify it with the name of the project/client. Associate this role with a rate of $350. Create a new row on your timesheet, enter duration of one hour and select this role in the billing drop down list on your timesheet. In the comments field, enter an appropriate comment like “Fixed cost for Web hosting service”. Run the billing report with the Comments field enabled. The report will give you a break up between time billable amount and fixed amount.


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