Peachtree is an accounting software. Although we do not support integration with Peachtree application, the users can run Raw Data Exports reports and export the report in a CSV file to be imported into Peachtree application. One of the requirements of Peachtree is that each record in the Raw Data Export report should have a unique ID. For example, Time Entry ID field in the Timesheet Raw Data Export creates a unique numeric ID for each record in the report.

There are a few limitations with this feature. If the user has been using Peachtree with other applications, a simple numeric based unique ID generated by the TimeSheet Raw Data export report may not be sufficient. It is important to combine a few fields with the Time Entry ID field to create a unique identifier for each record.

Although different combination's of fields are possible, the combination which will work in most of the cases is a combination of an alphanumeric character, user’s last name and Time Entry ID. For example, you may create a custom column like the one below and name it as Ticket # New which will be unique identifier for each record.

"Z"+Left(UserLastName, 3)+NumberToText(TimesheetEntryId, 0.####)

This custom column appends the first 3 letters of the user’s last name and Time Entry ID to the letter Z. For example, if the user’s full name is Bill Smith, the unique ID will be ZSmi56 where 56 is the Time Entry ID for a time entry record. 0.#### is used to output numbers as text with no decimals. You can then disable Time Entry ID from Report Settings and have the report display just the Ticket # New field along with other required fields.


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