Graphical reports are displayed using support files that reside on the Web TimeSheet server. Therefore, in order to view a graphical report within an e-mail, the following requirements must be met:

  • The address of the Web TimeSheet server must be entered in the System Preferences, if you are using a self-hosted : these instances are installed and managed within the client's organization; they are installed using a file provided by Replicon, and are available to users through the client's network implementation.
  • The Web TimeSheet server must be accessible to the user from where they are viewing the report.
  • Adobe® Flash® Player must be installed on the computer the user is viewing the report on. Flash Player can be downloaded from (This is required to view graphical reports within Web TimeSheet as well.).

To view graphical reports from outside your corporate network, the Web TimeSheet server must be configured for access from the Internet. Contact your network administrator for more information.

Viewing the Report:
Depending on the message formats supported by your e-mail client, the report may be displayed within the body of the e-mail. If it is not displayed in the body or does not display correctly, open the attachment provided in the e-mail. When you open it, the graphical report will be displayed in your browser.


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