A user has booked a time off  For eg. on the 27th of Dec for the 1st of Jan. This time off is approved by the approvers and the time off balance has been deducted. Later the Web TimeSheet administrator assigns a Holiday calendar to the user which has the 1st of Jan recognized as a public holiday. The time off balance of the user does not get updated (added) as the Time off he has booked falls on a Public holiday.

If any user has booked a timeoff on a day that was later considered as a public holiday the application does not automatically add to the balance of the user for that time off type. Normally for a time off booked on a holiday it does not deduct the balance but since the time off was booked before that day was added as a holiday, it deducts the same from the users balance.

In order to correct the users time off balance, perform the steps below,
  • Log in as administrator to Web Timesheet.
  • Click on the Administration tab and click on Historical Time Off.
  • Select the users from the list who had earlier booked the time off that includes the public holiday.
  • View the time off and then click on 'Edit' to open the time off and then submit the changes and have it approved.
Eg: User 'A' is provided 10 days of Vacation timeoff from January 1 till December 31, 2010. Out of the 10 vacation days, 'A' takes 6 days from the month of January till November 30, 2010. Now, Vacation days remaining for 'A' is 4 days till the end of December 2010.
'A' takes 4 days of Vacation from December 20, 2010 to December 24, 2010. Now, the Vacation days remaining for 'A' is 0.
The Administrator of Web Timesheet now adds December 24, 2010 as a public holiday in the holiday calendar and assigns the same calendar to the user 'A'.If the Timeoff Balance report is run as on 31st December 2010, the Days remaining (Vacation) would be displayed as 0.
Administrator will now have to reopen the timeoff booked by the user 'A' and then without making any changes to it, Submit it again and have it approved. If the same Timeoff Balance report is run as on 31st December 2010, the Vacation days remaining for the user 'A' would be 1.

Note: If there is any user who has booked the timeoff just for that day alone, the admin will need to delete/ reject that timeoff booked from the historical timeoff section.
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