Is it possible to verify if the PTO time off booking is paid or unpaid?

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In our organization, we pay for the PTO timeoff. Now is it possible to have an entry in any of the reports which will give information as to whether the PTO timeoff is paid or not.

Web TimeSheet will not be able to provide information/entry to find out if the PTO time off is paid or not. This information will be available only through the financial software which is being used. (for example: QuickBooks)


  • There are two best possible workaround available, which are as follows,
  1. Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative privileges.
  2. Click on the Historical Timesheets from the left panel.
  3. Check mark the timesheet and click on the Billed button.
  • The above work-around is applicable only if the Project and Billing module is available along with Time and Attendance.
  1. Running the user hours details report will provide the information.
  2. Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative privileges.
  3. Click on the Reports icon on the top of the browser.
  4. Expand Time Reports from the left panel.
  5. Run the User Hours Details report by having the correct data entered in the filter tabs.


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