The Department (Historical) filter works the same as the existing filter but, when a user selects a department, all sub-departments are automatically selected.
If there is a need to regularly switch between departments in reports.  Each department has many sub-departments that need to be included, and enabling each sub-department in the filter is time consuming.
Anyone that needs to select a full branch of the department structure can save time with this filter.
More Information:
The new filter is available in all reports that have the existing Department (Historical) filter. All sub-departments, through all levels, are selected when the parent is selected. The same behavior applies when the parent department is de-selected – all sub-departments are de-selected. The existing Department (Historical) filter is still available and is still enabled by default in applicable reports. The new filter is not enabled by default in any reports. If both filters are enabled in a report, the report will only include data that matches both filters’ settings.

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