What information need to be added to the internal exceptions list to allow access to Web TimeSheet?

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You may not be able to access Web TimeSheet within your office network if your company does not allow users to access external web pages or the internet (with the except for sites in the approved list). Also, certain web pages may only have time-limited access to the internet.

If Web TimehSheet is not accessible due to above reason, IT department can add DNS, Host Name, IP Addresses, and Port Number information to their internal exceptions list.

Please find details about adding these values to the exception list:

  • The IP Address and Host Name for (Web TimeSheet URL) varies based on the location of the company, so ping to get both Host Name and IP Address of Web TimeSheet. The host name of Web TimeSheet would be something similar to the example given below:
  • Port Numbers are 80 (if Web TimeSheet is accessed through the regular HTTP application-level protocol) and 443 (if Web TimeSheet is accessed through a secured HTTPS application-level protocol).
  • Do a nslookup for both & from the company's network to get the DNS information and both of these DNS information is required to be added to the DNS entries.


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