Applies to :
All versions of Web TimeSheet.

Issue : The drop down arrow to select Project or Task is not working in Google Chrome,


After applying the new smart interface in Web TimeSheet, users who use Google Chrome browser may face an issue where the drop down UDF's or filters wont work. This is caused by the Skype extension(add-on) that gets installed after installing the Skype software. Skype extension keep scanning the javascript code for numbers as it tries to identify a phone number in them, which is causes issues with the filters. 


Since this is a third party application which Replicon has no control over, it may not be possible for us to change the way Skype extension behaves. We request you to use an alternate browser or disable Skype extension in Google Chrome for Web TimeSheet filters to function properly at the timesheet level.

To remove the Skype Extension, follow the steps listed below:

1) Open Google Chrome
2) Click on the Wrench icon on the top right hand side of the screen.
3) Select Tools — > Java Script Console
4) Look for error related to Skype or any other toolbar program
5) Once it shows the error, then go to Control Panel — > Programs and Features and uninstall the toolbar completely.
6) Restart Google Chrome and log into Web TimeSheet and the drop down's in the Web TimeSheet application would be working again.

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