Can I reopen or un-archive a project?

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To un-archive a project, follow the steps given below:

  • Log into the Web TimeSheet as an Administrator or as a Project leader (with project editing permission).
  • In the List Projects screen, locate the filter "Display"
  • Select All projects or My projects.
  • Then select "Archived" in the second filter.
  • All the Archived projects should be listed now.
  • Double click or click on the "Edit Project" button beside the project name.
  • In the project screen, click on the project name under "Project Structure".
  • In the "Edit Project" window, locate "Project Status" (Check attached picture)
  • The radio button beside "Archived" would be selected.
  • Now select the radio button beside "Open".
  • Click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the "Edit Project" window.
  • In the project screen, click on "Save".
  • Now the project is in open status.

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