Time off balance in the timesheet is showing the new balance that it show show after the reset. There is still some days left for the time off policy reset date. Why is the time off policy resetting the balance even before the actual reset date.

If you are following weekly timesheet period and time off policy has reset date in the middle of the month like 20th. Your timesheet period is from 16th to 22nd. You will need to create a manual timesheet period for from 16 to 19. Then create another manual timesheet from 20 to 22. Then you can continue to use the normal weekly timesheet period.

This happens only when you have the next time off policy reset date within the current time sheet period.

If you do not want the new rest balance to be shown with this current timesheet then you will need to create a manual timesheet period till the end of the current policy and then create a new manual timesheet for rest of the timesheet period.


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