Only the Assignment Owner will be able to enter time assignment against projects. The Assignment Owner field, contains the name of the user who is responsible for entering status in Microsoft Project, for the current assignment.
To resolve the issue change the Assignment Owner in 'MicroSoft Project Server'. To change the Assignment Owner on a task, follow these steps:
  • Make sure you are in the Gantt chart view.
  • RIGHT Click in the empty gray box, in the upper left corner of the Gantt table, where the column and row headers meet.
  • Choose “…Assignment Owner” from the list of available tables.
  • LEFT Click to select the table. You will see the columns in your table change.
  • Find the appropriate task row that you want to change and Double Click on any cell in that row. This will bring up the Task Information window.
  • On the Task Information window click the “Resources” tab.
  • In the “Assignment Owner” column use the dropdown menu to choose the new Assignment Owner. Your choices will be limited to those resources you recruited to this project team from the Global Resource Pool.
  • Click “OK”. The name will change in the “Assignment Owner” field in the project. from the Global Resource Pool.
  • Continue to apply this method to change any other Assignment Owner on specific tasks, if necessary.
  • When finished changing the data in the “Assignment Owner” field, return to the original Gantt chart view.
  • Save, publish, and check-in the project.
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