Web TimeSheet Administrator unable to add a new expense code to multiple projects.

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The Web TimeSheet administrator has created a new expense code by name Mileage 1/11 and beyond and would like to apply it to multiple projects by highlighting them and clicking the Edit button. Once all the projects are highlighted, the admin user clicks the Edit button, selects the expense code and clicks Save. He gets an error message "At least one rate should be assigned to a Project Team user".

More information:
It was found that for a few projects, the expense code was applied and for a few projects they were not. A look at the projects for which the expense code was not applied indicated this. When the admin user clicked the Edit button under Project Team on the Project's main page, the Create Project team window opened. The number of users under Project Team on the Project's main page was different from the number of users in the Create Project Team window.

The extra user in the Create Project Team window was deleted, the project was saved and the admin user was then able to add the expense code to the project. The extra user in question was a disabled user.

The issue can be resolved by removing the extra user from the Create Project Team window, saving the project and applying the expense code to the project.


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