Why am I unable to save expenses on offline expense sheet?

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I have emailed an offline expense sheet to myself and saved the attachment in the email on my desktop.  Every time I have an expense to be recorded I open the attachment saved on my desktop, enter the expenses and click on 'save offline' tab to save the expenses and then close the offline expense sheet.
Later when I have to add more expenses to the same expense sheet, I open the attachment saved on the desktop, but I cannot find the updated expenses.  The expense sheet is empty. 
To see the data on an expense sheet you had saved earlier, follow the steps given below:
  • Save the Expense.html file which you received as an attachment in the email to a folder or desktop on your computer and open it.
  • You will see that the file is blocked by the Internet explorer. Right click and click on “Allow Blocked Content” as show in Allowed Blocked Content.PNG attached to this solution.
  • Fill the expense sheet.
  • As you want to save the expense sheet locally on your system, click on Save Offline
  • Name it as week1.htm and save it in the same folder as the Expense.html file as shown in "Saving the expense sheet.PNG" attached to this solution.
  • To reopen the saved Expense Sheet, Open the Expense.html file (same file that you received as an attachment)
  • Click "Open…."
  • Browse to the file week1.htm that you saved earlier.  You should be able to see all the data you saved earlier on this file.
More Information:
To submit the expense sheet, click on Send to Web TimeSheet. It pops up a window to enter the login name and password, make sure that you right click and click on “Allow Blocked Content” as show in 
"Allow blocked content2.png", and then enter your Login name and password.
Note: If you are filling the Expense sheet and want to submit it please skip the steps 4 to 8.


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