I have administrator rights to Web TimeSheet. I am trying to assign all the departments to all the users in Web TimeSheet. When I save the changes after assigning all the departments to a user, I get an error message that reads “The user cannot be associated with a disabled department”. When I try to delete the department, I get an error message that reads “Department cannot be deleted because it has projects associated with it”. I have only Web TimeSheet Time & Attendance module assigned to all the users and we have never created projects in Web TimeSheet even in the past.

The department drop-down list in a user profile only shows all the departments that are enabled. When the Web TimeSheet administrator assigned all the enabled departments to the user and clicked the Save button, the changes could not be updated in the database because historically the user was also assigned a department which is now in disabled state.

To resolve the issue, enable the previously disabled department. This will make the department visible in the department drop-down list. Remove the association of the user with this department and save the changes. Once this is done, you can delete the department without getting the error message “Department cannot be deleted because it has projects associated with it”. However, it is recommended that the department be disabled rather than deleted.


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