Smart Interface – Entering Data Step by Step Instructions

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Smart Interface – Entering Data Step by Step Instructions

Depending on your licenses, permissions and other assigned settings, you may not have access to some of the timesheet options described below, such as projects, tasks, billing statuses, activities, or user defined fields.

To enter time using a Smart Interface timesheet:

1. Select Timesheet from the top menu

Your current timesheet will display, by default.
If you want your oldest unsubmitted timesheet to display by default instead, click the Settings button and update the Default timesheet to display option.
If you’re currently using an In-Out format timesheet, to change to the Smart Interface format, select Settings from the top, right-hand corner of Web TimeSheet, and then select Standard 2.0 from the Timesheet format field.

2. Select tasks to enter time against, if applicable (Project & Billing only)
Find your tasks using the Client ? Project ? Task field:
• Search for a task by entering its name or the name of its client or project in this field, or
• Click this field, and then select a client in the selector that displays. This will update the lists of projects and tasks to show only ones associated with that client. You can also select a project to filter the list of tasks further.
You can duplicate a task row by clicking (+) , and delete a row by clicking (-).

3. Complete the Billing column, if available (Project & Billing only)
For certain tasks, you may have to select whether the work you performed is billable or not. Or, you may be required to choose at what rate the work should be billed – the project rate, your user/department rate, or a rate associated with a role you are assigned.

4. Enter hours and comments for work you performed
Enter the duration of time you worked on each task, on the correct day. You can enter comments related to each task in the pop-up that displays when you click each cell.

If you don’t enter time against projects, or if you completed work not associated with a project, simply enter the hours you worked for each day against <None>. Or, if an Activities column appears in your timesheet, you can select an activity to enter hours against.

In your timesheet, time displays either in decimal format (default), or HH:MM format
If your timesheet is using decimal format, and you enter time using the HH:MM format, time values will be converted to decimal time when displayed. For example, if you enter 3:15 in your timesheet, it will display as 3.25, the decimal equivalent. You can change the time display format via Settings.

5. Complete any additional fields that display on your timesheet
Your timesheet may include custom user defined fields. You may be required to complete certain custom fields, denoted with an asterisk (*), before you will be allowed to submit your timesheet.
If user defined fields are available in your timesheet, they will be located as illustrated below:

Use these fields to enter additional information at the:
1) Timesheet Level – Data relates to the entire timesheet
2) Hour Level – Data relates to hours entered in a single time cell
3) Row Level – Data relates to all hours entered in a single row

You may be able to book or enter time off in your timesheet.

6. Select Save

It is often good practice to enter and save your hours on each day you work, to make it easier to remember task durations and what you worked on.

7. Once your timesheet is complete, select Submit

When submitted, your timesheet will be sent to your assigned approver or approvers.

Use the Copy From feature to copy time and task data from an existing timesheet to a new timesheet.


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