Where is a projects ‘create date’ recorded in Web Timesheet

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Web Timesheet does not record a date as to when a project is created. The only option available is to see the 'Time entry start date' for a project which will give an idea of the projects create date. To see a projects first time entry follow the steps given below:

  • Click on Reports icon and click on Project Reports section.
  • Click on Project Status report
  • Ensure that 'Entry Date' and 'Project Start Date' are selected under the Settings button before you run the report.
  • Select the desired project under the 'Project' filter and choose the 'Date Range' filter to show 'Entire Project'.
  • Run this report and you can see the first time entry against this project by the assigned employee.

Alternatively, if it is required to record all projects start date, you can have a UDF for this purpose. Refer the Related Items section in this knowledge base article below to know more about how to assign a UDF to act as a start date recorder for new projects.



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