How to enable/disable “Auto Generate Project Code” feature on Web TimeSheet?

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You can now choose to have each project you create in Web TimeSheet automatically assigned a project code by enabling the Auto Generate Project Code {System Preference}. When enabled, all project codes in the system cannot be edited, however can be edited once the option is later disabled.

Project codes are assigned on an incremental basis, beginning with the numerical value specified in the Next project code value preference field. Be sure to set this option at a value higher than the highest value code currently in use in your system, since existing codes can be duplicated by auto-generated values.  This option is useful if you want to ensure that all project codes in your system are unique and cannot be edited.  Follow the steps to enable/disable this feature on Web TimeSheet application.

  • Login with Administrator privileges.
  • Click System Preferences under System section on the left pane.
  • Enable/Disable Auto Generate Project Code under Project section.
  • Click Save to apply changes.

Note: This option is available for all SaaS customers.


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