I understand that a time off type is associated with a liability to the organization in the sense that the company is liable to pay the employees even for days when they book a time off. I would like to create a time off type with no liability associated with it. So when a user books a time off against that time off type, the company will not be liable to pay him for the time off.

Web TimeSheet supports creation of pay codes with zero pay code multipliers associated with them. By default, Regular Time pay code is associated with a pay code multiplier of 1 and over time with a pay code multiplier of 1.5. To resolve the issue, you first need to create a new pay code and associate this pay code with a pay code multiplier of 0. Secondly, you can create a time off type by name Unpaid Time Off (or any other name of your choice) and assign the new pay code to the time off type.


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