To export Web TimeSheet data to an ADP application: 

1. Log in to Web TimeSheet with administrative rights. Select 'Integrations' from the top menu. 

2. Select 'Exports' > 'List Exports' from the side menu. The 'Select an Export' page will open. 

3. Select the name of the export you want to run. 

4. Filter the data, if desired. 

From the 'Status' field, select: 

* 'All Records', if you would like to export all data you have filtered for. 

* 'Non-Exported Records', if you would like to export only records you have filtered for that have never been exported. 

5. Select 'Preview Export' to view the data that will be exported, if desired. 

6. Select 'Export'. 

7. When prompted, save the CSV data file that Web TimeSheet creates. 

You can then import the saved CSV file into your ADP application. For information on how to perform field mapping and importing procedures, refer to the ADP application’s documentation.

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