Due to limitations in the templates available for overtime rules, not all conditions could be accounted for in the previous versions of Web TimeSheet. With the release of Web TimeSheet 8.25 on SaaS, this new template is available for use to overcome the limitations of the overtime rule templates in the previous versions.

In the new template you can add one or more conditions from this set:

     > Daily
     > Work Week
     > Seventh Consecutive Day
     > Holidays
     > Weekly Days Off
     > Monday
     > Tuesday
     > Wednesday
     > Thursday
     > Friday
     > Saturday
     > Sunday

For each condition, define one or more rules that map hour ranges to paycode multipliers


  > Each condition is fully evaluated for each day in the user’s work week
  > Conditions are merged on a daily basis to determine the best result for the user
  > The merge function looks at start and end times for each range, and chooses the best result

This should help in calculating more overtime conditions using one single template.
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