Why do some users have the column for ‘Billing’ and some users don’t though they have multiple roles assigned to them?

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If the users have multiple roles assigned to them and still do not see the Billing column on the timesheet, the permissions assigned to them does not grant them the access to view the same. Follow the steps below to grant access to view and modify the Billing column.

– Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights.
– Click on Administration icon on the top menu.
– On the left hand menu click on Users in the User/Department category.
– Edit the users profile who is unable to see the Billing column on the timesheet. Make a note of the permissions assigned to the users.
– Click on Permissions on the left hand menu.
– Edit the permission assigned to the user.
– Expand the tree for Timesheet.
Enable the option for View/select billing options for projects/tasks.
Click on Save.
After the changes are made the user will be able to see the Billing column on the timesheet and select the role that is assigned.

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